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High-End Labs For The Metaverses



High-End Labs

for the Metaverses

We provide brokerage, design, 3D modeling, construction, and management services for a variety of metaverse projects

High-End Labs for the Metaverses SA (HELM), is focused on acquiring, managing, developing, renting and selling digital parcels and NFTs across various metaverses.


By employing a unique combination of experiences, our goal is to deliver high-quality innovation across the metaverse ecosystems

A vast portfolio

We have a vast portfolio of assets across many metaverses giving our investors exposure to the place where the real action takes place. We can also help our clients build a well-balanced and diversified portfolio of estates across the major metaverses

Our Story

We believe that the metaverse will become the evolution of the web as we know it. A place where we will work, play, earn, learn, entertain and much more. Leveraging blockchain technology, those places will become distributed communities, with each one contributing to the evolution.


Helm  guides companies and investors in this ecosystem which is evolving day by day. With our knowledge and expertise in the various fields related to the metaverse, we  give investors and clients peace of mind when Helm is at their side.

Any organization can thrive in the metaverse with the right partner


Lorenzo Corsetti



Marzio Candus



Lea Palomba



Emanuele Peretti


Board Member

Davide Fiorentino


Board Member

David Antognoli


Metaverse Architecht 

Umberto Ceccarelli


Metaverse Architecht 



3D Modeler 



Meet The Team

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